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Setting the standard on quality in complex machining.


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Summit Machine, LLC specializes in the rough and finish machining of complex components for the aerospace, commercial, defense, power generation, space, and petroleum industries. Our mission is to set the standard for quality and value in complex machining.

About Us

Incorporated in 2003, Summit Machine, LLC has grown to more than 130 employees today operating 48 CNC Lathes/VTL’s and 10 CNC milling centers. The shop operates six days per week, twenty four hours per day, to get the job done.


Summit Machine, LLC specializes in the manufacture of complex components for aerospace (both structural and jet engine for commercial and military applications), industrial gas turbine engines and various satellite and space programs.


Seamless rolled rings, open and closed die forgings, shafts, bar stock and castings made from nickel base alloys, titanium, aluminum, stainless steel and carbon alloys represent the majority of products we machine.


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